Why Managers Should Be Obsessed With Their Customers

Why Managers Should Be Obsessed With Their Customers

Customer focus MUST be the number one priority of any organisation: it sounds really simple to say it but otherwise what is your organisation doing and why is it here?

Currently we operate in markets where the customer is becoming more demanding, more intolerant of poor performance and wanting to pay less so it is essential to keep your focus upon them consistently and with purpose.

Our obsession should be built around three key points:

  • Serving the needs of your customer is the absolute minimum here – what is more important is to try to anticipate future needs and, if possible, drive them in a way that we can satisfy them.
  • Knowing where your customer’s pain sits and the problems they are experiencing – getting as much feedback from them as possible give critical insight into how e can further help them to resolve their problems.
  • Using your customers to co-create good and services, tailored to their exact needs. This makes the bond between you and your customer that much more permanent and reliable.

Successful organisations spend time and effort to really know and understand their customers – otherwise their competition will do so.

Good Luck!

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