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Why Should Managers Be Concerned About Customer Relationship Management (CRM)?

Why Should Managers Be Concerned About Customer Relationship Management (CRM)? It is hard work and very costly to obtain a customer BUT very easy to lose them! CRM should be an integral part of the business and is vitally important... Continue Reading →


The ONE Golden Rule Of Customer Service

The ONE Golden Rule Of Customer Service Always make sure that your organisation promotes and delivers with UPSIDE DOWN MANAGEMENT. Put simply: trust your staff to look after each customer in the way that they feel is best for that... Continue Reading →

How Do Your Customers Judge You?

How Do Your Customers Judge You? It takes a huge effort to find customers even for the most successful brands and even more to retain them. What separates out the most successful and profitable organisations from the wider marketplace is... Continue Reading →

Why You Cannot Afford To Ignore Customer Perceptions

Why You Cannot Afford To Ignore Customer Perceptions We tend to always think of the customer’s perception as being around the product or service that we provide yet this is only part of the puzzle that creates customer loyalty. Increasingly... Continue Reading →

Keeping Customers Happy – Three Top Tips

Keeping Customers Happy - Three Top Tips A retained customer is literally worth their weight in gold – all the hard work of approach and negotiation has been completed, they are buying so you need to keep them snug and... Continue Reading →

What Do Your Customers Want From You?

What Do Your Customers Want From You? Your definition of service shapes every interaction you have with your customers. If you hold the common idea that service is only giving customers what they want, you may well paint yourself into... Continue Reading →

Make That Sale – The Follow-Up

When to Follow Up a Sale In today's market, more and more professional salespeople are practicing aggressive, thorough follow-up methods that even a few years ago would have been considered unnecessary on some of their marginal inquiries. Very successful sales... Continue Reading →

Pegasus Airlines – Loving Their Customers, Gaining The Benefits

Pegasus Airlines – delighting a new type of travelling customer. Until 1982 Turkish Airlines was the only airline company operating in Turkey and as such it had no domestic competitors. Following Government deregulation and opening up of the market 29... Continue Reading →

How To Manage Your Customers

How To Manage Your Customers So you have identified your customers and now you want to be sure that the relationship is as effective and efficient as it can possibly be. Successful businesses are good at maintaining a healthy and... Continue Reading →

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