Business success is about being flexible combined with having good planning and organisational skills to meet the many challenges that you will face.

Your success will come from having an effective structure to your business so that you can complete your tasks, keep your customers more than just satisfied and in being very knowledgeable about who your customers are and what they can offer you.

Continued success requires ANY business to be creative in the ways that you can improve what you do, how you do it and in how you make what you do stand out from the crowd. No business can ever afford to stand still.

Above all else, promise and then deliver great customer service. All successful businesses, regardless of size and product/service, deliver excellence in what they do so that they have a loyal customer base – the bedrock of your success!

With 38 years management and business experience let us help you achieve your business goals, whatever they might be!

Management & Leadership Training

Management and Leadership provision from David Summerton Consulting is specifically designed activity that focuses on improving an individual’s skills in those roles as skilled staff in such roles are proven to make a strong and sustained contribution to the profitability of the organisation.

All courses are designed to develop both skills and knowledge and are delivered in a practical, problem-centred delivery style with accompanying supporting materials.

The suite of Leadership and management programmes include:

  • First Line Manager/Supervisor – tailored to your exact requirements
  • Team Building for Underperforming Teams
  • Developing Personal Resilience
  • Managing Poor Performance
  • Motivation for Teams and Individuals
  • Coaching Skills
  • Delivering and Managing Change
  • Delegation
  • Improving Communication Skills
  • Dealing with Conflict
  • Running Better Meetings
  • Performance Appraisals
  • Running Supervision Sessions
  • Project Management Basics
  • Time Management
  • Chairing meetings
  • Presentation Skills

Target Setting

Why do I need targets for my business?

Every business needs to know where it has come from, and what they are aiming for. We can analyse the sector that your business is currently performing in and, with some personalised one to one meetings, we can produce a company wide presentation to show you where you could be. We can also show you how to implement the targets into your business for maximum effect, which in turn will make your business run smoother, more productive and will make it more profitable.

We look at the business sector and market that you are involved in, past years of your business and other factors and see where you can improve upon. Whether it’s for a small local shop or a national business, we can tailor our skills to fit your company. Then we produce targets based around those findings and produce a company wide presentation for you.

Marketing and Planning

I don’t need to plan and market my business to succeed, do I?

Having a business that isn’t properly planned out and marketed to its full potential is a recipe for disaster: in my experience, business that let this happen fall into a downward spiral very quickly, usually using a lot of resources and money to get itself right. We can produce a document that will prevent this, as we can look at your targets, the business market and projections to plan and market your product or service within your business sector.

We can analyse and review your business and use direct applications to increase your market share, using an unbiased SWOT analysis, use the 5 P approach (including the People aspect) and PESTLE to plan and market your business to its full potential.

Fail to prepare and prepare to fail. Never was a truer expression written.

Many businesses fail because they do not plan ahead in terms of the products and services they aim to deliver and because they are not sufficiently savvy in identifying who their customers are and what tastes and features single them out as customers.

To make a real success of marketing now the following items might be worth considering;

What does the content of your message say about your organisation?

Good content generates interest, passion and trust in what you do. Sloppy presentation indicates a hurried, uncaring and untidy approach to business. First impressions really, really matter. Use Blogs to sell yourself and establish solid relationships with your audience. Ask yourself why big organisations are systematically spending less on traditional advertising?

Keep a very close eye on new social media platforms as they emerge.

Which one(s) are best for your business and why? Where is your target market most active and how can you use this and link it concisely to social media tooling? Test out platforms, get advice, experiment but keep at it!

A picture paints a thousand words.

Very true. Make sure your images are as crisp and effective as they possibly can be; develop infographics to drive traffic and build up your presence to develop leads.

A simple message works well.

Too many bells and whistles may make your message stand out from the crowd but if it is too showy then nobody will actually see the message. Just how many different sales messages do you see in a day and how many do you actually remember?

Get your message over using mobile technology.

Mobile phones mean that people are never out of the office – seriously consider how you could use the technology to your advantage.

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