Business success is about being flexible combined with having good planning and organisational skills to meet the many challenges that you will face.

Your success will come from having an effective structure to your business so that you can complete your tasks, keep your customers more than just satisfied and in being very knowledgeable about who your customers are and what they can offer you.

Continued success requires ANY business to be creative in the ways that you can improve what you do, how you do it and in how you make what you do stand out from the crowd. No business can ever afford to stand still.

Above all else, promise and then deliver great customer service. All successful businesses, regardless of size and product/service, deliver excellence in what they do so that they have a loyal customer base – the bedrock of your success!

With 38 years management and business experience let us help you achieve your business goals, whatever they might be!

Management & Leadership Training

In a crowded and competitive market, where there are numerous providers all offering very similar products and services, the successful organisation will always be the one that is investing, and continues to invest, in the development of its management and leadership resources.

Expenditure on this type of training always delivers benefits to the organisation, both directly and indirectly, to the quality of goods and services, innovation, customer service and overall profitability.

Our view is that management and leadership development should be focused, and built around, the 5 principles that underpin all the tasks that managers and leaders undertake:

  • Managing People
  • Managing Operations or Activities
  • Managing Resources
  • Managing Information
  • Managing Self

Our tailored programmes are designed totally with your needs in mind but which draw upon these principles and which are then contextualised directly to your practical working environment.

Target Setting

Why do I need targets for my business?

Every business needs to know where it has come from, and what they are aiming for. We can analyse the sector that your business is currently performing in and, with some personalised one to one meetings, we can produce a company wide presentation to show you where you could be. We can also show you how to implement the targets into your business for maximum effect, which in turn will make your business run smoother, more productive and will make it more profitable.

We look at the business sector and market that you are involved in, past years of your business and other factors and see where you can improve upon. Whether it’s for a small local shop or a national business, we can tailor our skills to fit your company. Then we produce targets based around those findings and produce a company wide presentation for you.

Marketing & Planning

How much do you really know and understand about the customers that you are working with?

How well do you know and understand about the market(s) that you are in?

Your answer to both questions will probably be “quite a lot!” but unless your order book is full to overflowing the real answer is “not enough!”

Let us critically assess your performance to date and design a crisp and effective Marketing Plan that drives your business forward to achieve what you really want to achieve, rather than being just one of a number of potential suppliers that a customer might, or might not, choose to work with.

In terms of wider business development, we will review your strategy, objectives and performance to date and help you to plan, with milestones, the path that your organisation should be taking over the short, medium and long-term.

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