Are You A Visionary Manager?

Are You A Visionary Manager? The Visionary Manager has a clear focus upon the ability to excite and motivate staff towards a specific goal or target. Here the manager centres upon using persuasion, charisma, and a high emotional IQ to... Continue Reading →

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Why Collaboration And Group Working Fails

Why Collaboration And Group Working Fails The benefits are not clear to all parties – the people involved will want to be clear about the benefits of the collaboration and why the additional effort and work is going to be... Continue Reading →

How Do I Improve My Communication Skills?

How Do I Improve My Communication Skills? Prepare: know exactly what you want to say before you say it. Be attentive: understand the reactions of the audience. Show you are listening: make it obvious that this is a two-way process... Continue Reading →

How To Make Fewer Mistakes

How To Make Fewer Mistakes We all feel the pressure of holding managerial responsibility, regardless of our position within the organisation – managerial roles inevitably bring pressure and stress from time to time. If we can honestly reflect upon our... Continue Reading →

How To Be More Positive

How To Be More Positive Savouring our emotions is a way of regulating them, specifically focusing upon how to enhance our positive emotions and happiness. There are some simple steps that will convey your positivity, even in difficult and challenging... Continue Reading →

Four Key Components Of A Project

Four Key Components Of A Project Management is all about managing and delivering on a Project: this requires a degree of skill and logical thinking with a clear focus upon outcomes and objectives. If you are able to set out... Continue Reading →

How To Write A Team Performance Checklist

How To Write A Team Performance Checklist We are all well aware of the use of teams and that teams should be contributing to the achievement of organisational objectives – what is harder to assess is how the team is... Continue Reading →

Why Organisations Need Cross-Team Working

Why Organisations Need Cross-Team Working Bringing teams together to achieve complex and business-critical outcomes is an essential part of a manager’s job. This challenge can be a difficult and energy-sapping process but will be made easier by using the following... Continue Reading →

How To Create A Professional Image To Impress

How To Create A Professional Image To Impress Image is everything in both business and especially in management – managers who look like someone who has just dropped in from the local rubbish tip seldom make any positive waves and... Continue Reading →

What Good Management Looks Like

What Good Management Looks Like Good Management has the following features, regardless of the sector or market that the organisation operates in: Managers keeping the organisation on time and on budget. This will always be the primary function of the... Continue Reading →

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