5 Gold Plated Ways To Get Your Idea Accepted

5 Gold Plated Ways To Get Your Idea Accepted Your idea reduces costs and expenses Your idea increases income Your idea allows the organisation to achieve more output with less people Your idea solves a problem that your manager has... Continue Reading →


10 Pointers To Handle Change Effectively And Efficiently

10 Pointers To Handle Change Effectively And Efficiently Change comes along and even if you approve of what it is all about, the process MUST be dealt with in the best possible manner, whatever your personal views and opinions. Top... Continue Reading →

Am I An Agile Manager?

Am I An Agile Manager? It is not enough to be a capable and adaptable manager – the demands of the job are such that only the most agile person can ever hope to survive and progress. So, what personal... Continue Reading →

7 Hot Tips For Creative Thinking

7 Hot Tips For Creative Thinking Shake up current thinking: what new possibilities exist and how could they be managed? Assume nothing is impossible. How can you challenge existing assumptions? Are the assumptions we make about the business accurate and... Continue Reading →

How To Deliver An Inspirational Team Talk

How To Deliver An Inspirational Team Talk The ability to deliver an energising pep talk, to either the team or an individual, is an essential skill for any manager. There are no formal training courses for this and many managers... Continue Reading →

Why Am I Unhappy At Work?

Why Am I Unhappy At Work? Why am I unhappy at work when I am in a good job with prospects and where I feel there are opportunities for me to develop and progress? Life is too short for many... Continue Reading →

Why Asking Questions Is An Essential Management Skill

Why Asking Questions Is An Essential Management Skill We often operate in the dark and are amazed/frightened/saddened/angered when issues and problems emerge that we really should have been aware of in the first place! Not knowing enough caused by a... Continue Reading →

How To Manage Different Team Member Personalities

How To Manage Different Team Member Personalities There are four main different personality types that operate in any team – the trick is to be able to recognise and then map out your strategy accordingly: Traditionalists Prefer familiar, safe situations.... Continue Reading →

How To Reduce Team Tensions

How To Reduce Team Tensions Tension and an atmosphere that does not promote collaboration and performance is a situation that as a manager you will have to confront head-on or risk not achieving your own goals and others more senior... Continue Reading →

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