Why Teams Are Dysfunctional And Unproductive?

Why Teams Are Dysfunctional And Unproductive?

We all want to manage or to be part of a Team that systematically and carefully achieves its goals: this can be a major source of frustration and concern with huge amounts of effort and time being put into making this happen.

A more productive and effective approach is to look at the reasons why the Team is not delivering on its targets and Key Performance Indicators.

Dysfunctional and unproductive Teams suffer from the following issues:

  1. An individual’s fear of being seen as vulnerable by their peers: this prevents colleagues from sharing their true feelings, views and, most importantly, their contributions to solving problems and setting up and running with new ideas.
  2. A feeling of Artificial Harmony: how many times do you look at a group of people working together ad you just know that the politeness is just for show with huge undercurrents of dissatisfaction bubbling away underneath the surface?
  3. Ambiguity: too many issues and pressures at play with a limited focus upon the real issues that need to be tackled by both individuals and the collective alike.
  4. Settling for Low Standards: doing just enough to get a result or to commit to very limited progress due to a lack of clarity on targets and limited interest and application.
  5. Problems regarding Status and Ego: the individuals in the Team are focus on what is important to them, rather than the goals and targets that should be the focus of collective effort.

Managers need to be constantly looking at the Team to make sure that if ANY of the above are present and, if so, that corrective action is swiftly taken to remedy this situation.

Get in there and make the changes that you know are needed!

Good Luck!

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