David Summerton

How Am I Doing In My Job?

How Am I Doing In My Job? Forget agonising over the long-awaited and possibly dreaded Supervision meeting or the Annual Appraisal: we can all get a quick feel for how things are going by asking some simple questions of ourselves,... Continue Reading →


Successful Management In Five Steps

Successful Management In Five Steps Openness: sharing information, allowing staff to see what it is that you are thinking, being transparent in your dealings and activities. Conscientiousness: doing things in the best way possible considering all the tools and resources... Continue Reading →

How To Use Persuasion To Maximise Your Influence

How To Use Persuasion To Maximise Your Influence We cannot always get things to go the way we want them to – some of us are luckier than others when it comes to persuading others that their chosen path is... Continue Reading →

Helping Others To Achieve Their Potential

Helping Others To Achieve Their Potential Management is all about achieving objectives and running systems that are effective and efficient. A vitally important part of the job is maximising the inputs from the organisation’s human resources – this involves many... Continue Reading →

Making Sense Of Leadership – Top Survival Techniques

Making Sense Of Leadership – Top Survival Techniques Leadership can be a scary and often lonely experience – to master the responsibility consider the following pointers and apply them to your own set of circumstances. Know what the target looks... Continue Reading →

How To Prepare For Giving Tough Feedback

How To Prepare For Giving Tough Feedback Some key questions to ask yourself – be BRUTALLY honest with yourself! Am I doing the best possible thing for the other person by not being honest and transparent about their performance? Did... Continue Reading →

How To Give Tough Feedback

How To Give Tough Feedback Nobody likes those difficult, troublesome conversations – but they are all part of the manager’s role. There are very few of us who would look forward to them or even say that they are an... Continue Reading →

Managerial Mistakes: problems or golden opportunities?

Managerial Mistakes: problems or golden opportunities? Nobody is perfect and if someone tells you that they either have never made a mistake OR that they have never made a huge error they are not telling the truth! Mistakes are fine... Continue Reading →

5 Gold Plated Pitching Strategies

5 Gold Plated Pitching Strategies Your idea reduces costs and expenses Your idea increases income Your idea allows the organisation to achieve more output with less people Your idea solves a problem that your manager has been trying to solve... Continue Reading →

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