How To Deliver A Brilliant Sales Pitch

You have the message clear in your mind, you know your product thoroughly and you have done your homework on the customer – what could go wrong?

Sadly, the truth is that there is a lot that could, and does, go wrong in delivering your Pitch. This can be avoided by following some simple steps that are described below:

  • Be very clear about your message: focus totally on the audience and how your product or service can help them. When you are busy and wanting to do several tasks at the same time there is a temptation just to deliver something else that you designed for another customer. BIG MISTAKE! Focus on the problems that this customer has and needs to solve – exactly how will your product or service help them? Begin with the end in mind (the successful pitch where the customer buys!) and work backwards from this point.
  • Plan the structure and content of the pitch: create a powerful presentation that has impact. Write each of your points down on a small piece of paper and then sort them into a logical and effective order until you have an order that really delivers the message well. Add a story or example to each of your points to make your message personal and with something the audience can get their teeth into. Facts and figures are important but it is the emotional connection that the audience will remember plus too much detail and information really detracts from the effectiveness and power of your message.
  • Get your visuals right: make them interesting and visually appealing. Use images that support your points BUT which do not take the focus and attention of the audience away from the message! Try to avoid the use of bland images that the audience will already have seen in many other pitches. Also make sure that what you use fits within any corporate standard or style, especially around colour schemes. One last point – slides with large amounts of words on them never work – remember the adage less is more!
  • Get a discussion going: dramatic monologues where you just blast away at the audience never work. Try sharing some relevant and current statistics or detail with those watching your delivery to latch int their shared experiences of the problem you are trying to help them solve.
  • Make sure you rehearse: never bash out a presentation and then just arrive and just go for it! That is an absolute certainty for failure as you only get one chance to impress! If you are not confident with the presentation it will show and you will be instantly on the defensive. Run your presentation past a colleague and ask them for their opinion. Also check that the equipment you need is available on the day and that it works! If possible, bring spares of equipment so that if the worst happens you are prepared and make sure that you understand fully how hardware and software work together.

Good Luck!

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