Sales Management

The Secrets Of Excellent Sales Negotiation

The Secrets Of Excellent Sales Negotiation Master the following areas to maximise your sales performance: Effective listening skills – e.g. when listening to customers, colleagues or other stakeholders to demonstrate understanding – if we can first understand exactly what the... Continue Reading →

Four Pillars Of Successful Sales

Four Pillars Of Successful Sales Selling is an Art, never a Science because if it was we could programme a robot to do the selling tasks for any organisation. It is a personal Art but, regardless of the product or... Continue Reading →

How Sales Intelligence Generates Revenue

How Sales Intelligence Generates Revenue For large complex contracts of high value Sales Intelligence is of critical importance in both maintaining contact and negotiation through to the conclusion of the process (and winning the Order!!) and in projecting a polished... Continue Reading →

How To Sell Existing and New Products Effectively To Maximise Revenue

How To Sell Existing and New Products Effectively To Maximise Revenue Unless your portfolio of products and services is constantly being updated and revised almost continually your products or services will fall into two discrete groups; those that are new... Continue Reading →

Are You Satisfying Your Customers?

Are You Satisfying Your Customers? Customers are both a rare breed and a fickle one too! Converting a prospect into a loyal customer takes time and considerable patience and effort. If we turn the process around however there are a... Continue Reading →

Audience Persuasion And How To Master It

Audience Persuasion And How To Master It You can NEVER be totally sure of what your audience is looking for from you – you may well have prepared, rehearsed and refined the pitch to within an inch of its life... Continue Reading →

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