Brilliant Communication Skills

Excellent Communication – You’ve Got This!

Excellent Communication – You’ve Got This! Communication does not have to be difficult, yet many managers and people from all walks of life, get this wrong – and then have to recover something that should have got right first time,... Continue Reading →

How To Give GREAT Feedback

How To Give GREAT Feedback Giving feedback is an essential part of the manager’s role – it is an essential part of motivating staff, setting targets and allocation work based upon performance. Sadly, however, not all of us are good... Continue Reading →

What Makes A Great Communicator?

What Makes A Great Communicator? Able to convey complex ideas in simple terms – this gets all of the audience on-board quickly and effectively. Eliminate jargon and speak with your own words - break down complex information into several parts.... Continue Reading →

20 Golden Rules for Effective Communication

20 Golden Rules for Effective Communication Prepare: know exactly what you want to say before you say it. Be attentive: understand the reactions of the audience. Show you are listening: make it obvious that this is a two-way process and... Continue Reading →

How To Be An Excellent Communicator

How To Be An Excellent Communicator Try the following Tips to develop and fine tune your managerial communication skills; Be Direct; make your communication to the point and always make it concise. Adopt the principle of who, what, where, when,... Continue Reading →

Why Selective Communication Styles Are Important

Why Selective Communication Styles Are Important Broadly speaking, communication in the workplace boils down to a clear difference between aggressive communication styles, which generally do little to create good working relationships and a softer, more skilful model, where the focus... Continue Reading →

Leaders and Communication – Be A Communication Guardian

Leaders and Communication – Be A Communication Guardian Leaders communicate the big picture: the vision rather than small bits and pieces of a fragmented message. A good Leader is a Communication Guardian because he or she takes communication seriously and... Continue Reading →

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