Successful Selling

10 Expert Ways To Sell

10 Expert Ways To Sell Selling successfully does not need to include tricks or gimmicks as part of the process – the most effective and efficient rules of selling are always found in the basics of the task. Really good... Continue Reading →

The Secrets Of Excellent Sales Negotiation

The Secrets Of Excellent Sales Negotiation Master the following areas to maximise your sales performance: Effective listening skills – e.g. when listening to customers, colleagues or other stakeholders to demonstrate understanding – if we can first understand exactly what the... Continue Reading →

Ten Golden Rules Of Successful Selling

Ten Golden Rules Of Successful Selling We all have something to sell, even if this is just ourselves! I getting customers to buy your product or service the following Ten Rules need to be followed at all times to maximise... Continue Reading →

The Four Pillars Of Successful Selling

The Four Pillars Of Successful Selling Good sales professionals fully understand that the art of good business is all about creating a desire in the Buyer to make that decision to purchase because they want to have your product or... Continue Reading →

How To Deliver The Perfect Pitch

Pitch only for work or business that is right for you and your company – far better to wait patiently for the right pitch than to end up with work or business that you cannot really do well. Get as... Continue Reading →

Personal Selling – Performance Checklist

Personal Selling – Performance Checklist Ask yourself the following questions on a regular basis to make sure that your selling approach is as sharp as it can be. This is very important as you often only have one attempt at... Continue Reading →

Using Clean Language In Your Sales Pitch – Part One

Using Clean Language In Your Sales Pitch - Part One The way that we think has profound implications and powerful effects - on ourselves as people, and also on our actions, and consequentially the effects of our actions on our... Continue Reading →

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