Personal Management Resolutions for 2019

Personal Management Resolutions for 2019

If 2018 for you, as a manager, lacked a certain something then try to incorporate the following six points into your managerial toolkit.

  1. Do NOT do it yourself: empower your staff to do the work that you have been doing. Let go of everyday tasks and let your team do them, remembering Not to micromanage them while they are doing it!
  2. Look at a Vision; never get bogged down in the day-to-day parts of your job. Set goals, push boundaries and develop new ways of doing things. Identify and move towards your own personal goals in 2019!
  3. Be available for your staff: make sure that you have time to chat to them and help them in achieving their targets. Do not become bogged down in your own issues and open your eyes to what is going on around you!
  4. Make work enjoyable: nobody wants to go to work to be bored and unsatisfied with what they are doing. Become someone who makes a difference by bringing in some sunshine to the workplace.
  5. Avoid the “Quick Fix” syndrome: if you are faced with a problem you often have two options, one of which will be to find a quick solution and to implement it hoping this will solve the crisis. The better solution is to design and implement a sustainable solution which takes more time and effort but which, ultimately, sorts out the issue for once and for all. Nobody ever got recognised as a good manager by repeatedly working on the same problem where a permanent solution was required!
  6. Communicate, communicate, communicate: keep your staff up-to-date with developments, the latest performance figures, staffing decisions, market trends, policy developments, the list is endless. Make sure that communication in your area is a two-way process so that you get vital information from the team at every opportunity.

Good Luck!

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