Am I An Agile Manager?

Am I An Agile Manager?

It is not enough to be a capable and adaptable manager – the demands of the job are such that only the most agile person can ever hope to survive and progress.

So, what personal agility and skill is needed to rise to this challenge?

  • People Agility: we know ourselves, learn from our experiences both good and bad and can cope well under pressure.
  • Outcome Agility: recognising the importance of hitting targets, inspiring confidence in others, being cool under pressure and motivating others to reach their own targets.
  • Mental Agility: being creative when faced with problems or issues, being comfortable with complex, challenging, uncertain and ambiguous tasks.
  • Change Agility: having a curious nature and a strong personal commitment to exploring new ideas and building new systems and approaches to working practices.

If this is not you, and some of the four areas above are topics for your personal development then work hard to develop the Agility that you need.

Good Luck!

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