7 Hot Tips For Creative Thinking

7 Hot Tips For Creative Thinking

  1. Shake up current thinking: what new possibilities exist and how could they be managed? Assume nothing is impossible.
  2. How can you challenge existing assumptions? Are the assumptions we make about the business accurate and meaningful right here, right now?
  3. Use Mind Maps to sketch out where the different pieces of current work sit and see where the connectivity lies and what offshoots you can then identify in terms of new areas for growth and development.
  4. Problems are not problems – they are opportunities! Think about where the pain lies in the organisation and how this can then be a force for developing a new approach. Every organisation has pain and difficulty – rather than just suffering this use it to shape a different way forward.
  5. Get to really know your team in terms of their individual creativity. Identify those members of the team who can come up with gems of creativity and different thinking ad set them to work on small projects to test this out.
  6. Spin systems and do tasks in a different order. Creating some form of mild chaos helps an organisation to think differently and change is always a good thing.
  7. Challenge resistance to change. Making change happen is always and uncomfortable experience but eventually this will bring about benefits and positives that will outweigh the resistance that individuals and teams put up.

Good Luck!

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