10 Pointers To Handle Change Effectively And Efficiently

10 Pointers To Handle Change Effectively And Efficiently

Change comes along and even if you approve of what it is all about, the process MUST be dealt with in the best possible manner, whatever your personal views and opinions.

Top Tips for this process include the following:

  1. Make time to go out and see the people most affected – listen far more that you are talking however!
  2. NEVER try to run all of this yourself – make sure that you delegate as much as possible to your key players and star performers.
  3. Be open – tell staff what they need to know and be honest when you are unable to give them all the details they want.
  4. Be patient – change generates strong emotions and passion which will take time to resolve and heal. Just listen.
  5. Work so that the people affected trust you. Nothing undermines your position and creates more tension that a manager not being trustworthy at a time of what staff feel is a crisis.
  6. Be reliable.
  7. Involve as many people as toy need to so that the process is being safely managed.
  8. Provide regular and evaluative feedback to those who are delivering the practical aspects of the change process.
  9. Boost the self-esteem of all involved whenever possible. It is essential to allow people to have their strengths recognised and acknowledged at a time when their morale and motivation will be lacking.
  10. Stress the behaviours and working practices that are needed.

Always ensure that your message stresses the outcomes and skill sets that are needed for the future and not echoing those of the past – deliver this through good quality coaching and mentoring as required.

Good Luck!

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