Agile Leadership

What Personal Managerial Agility Looks Like

What Personal Managerial Agility Looks Like Managers with the following Agile skills are highly likely to be successful in the organisations where they work – do you have these skills too? People Agility: managers who know themselves well and understand... Continue Reading →

Am I An Agile Manager?

Am I An Agile Manager? It is not enough to be a capable and adaptable manager – the demands of the job are such that only the most agile person can ever hope to survive and progress. So, what personal... Continue Reading →

What Are Agile Principles And How Can I Use Them?

What Are Agile Principles And How Can I Use Them? Agile is characterised by the following: Customer collaboration: taking active steps to systematically find out, and meet, customer needs Changing requirements: continually looking for the next “big thing” in the... Continue Reading →

How To Be An Agile Manager In 5 Easy Steps

How To Be An Agile Manager In 5 Easy Steps Use peripheral vision. Make it your business to actively monitor trends and innovations and make sure that once you have done this you positively anticipate what is new and plan... Continue Reading →

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