Why Am I Unsuccessful?

Why Am I Unsuccessful?

We all want to change things and make a difference in our careers but this is not a easy process. The goals we aspire to bring with them lots of challenges that we may not immediately see and evaluate precisely.

The following 10 points are common reasons why our plans do not work out as well as we might want them to and if they can be overcome, or better-managed, then our chance of success increases.

  1. Do not put off change – dive in!
  2. Underestimating how to get to your goal – be realistic about the size and implications of moving towards your outcome.
  3. Too much focus on the past and not enough focus on the future – this always limits the change process.
  4. Your view is far too narrow – broaden out your perspective and consider everything that needs to change and why.
  5. Being side-tracked – having a limited focus or allowing yourself to be easily distracted.
  6. Fear of failure – failure may not be pleasant but it is good if you learn from the process!
  7. Being easily distracted – keep your focus!
  8. Overcomplicated thoughts and fears – we all tend to over-complicate matters so keep a clear head and break the problem down into basic chunks.
  9. Giving up too easily – falling at the first sign of failure.
  10. Being too worried about risk – change always involves some measure and assessment of risk but this can be very limiting if taken to extremes.

Success is never easy nor is it something that happens quickly: by continually refreshing your approach through the 10 points above you stand a much better chance of staying on-track and becoming successful with your goals and projects.

Good Luck!

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