Personal Development

Resilience – You’ve Got This!

Resilience – You’ve Got This! Failures and crises are an inevitable part of our personal and professional life. They can be devastating, life-changing, and transformative. They can make or break a career, a family, ruin domestic and working relationships and... Continue Reading →

How To Be More Motivated

How To Be More Motivated Recognise that there are many things to be grateful for. You have achieved many different things and accomplished difficult and challenging tasks so you know that you have skills and behaviours that those around you... Continue Reading →

Management Skills That Guarantee Success

Management Skills That Guarantee Success The managers who succeed and progress have a range of skills and behaviours that they have worked hard to develop and use to progress their careers. These skills and behaviours are always built around the... Continue Reading →

Three Outstanding Management Techniques To Realise Your Potential  

Three Outstanding Management Techniques To Realise Your Potential   There are three really simple techniques that will have a dramatic impact upon your performance as a Manager: Setting Direction – spend around 25% of your time and attention setting a... Continue Reading →

Four Ways To Improve Your Life

Four Ways To Improve Your Life Be more decisive about your decision making Whether it’s your relationships, finances, health, or other areas that matter in your life, be more thoughtful about what you’re doing and whether you’re making the best... Continue Reading →

What Does Personal Best Practice Look Like?

What Does Personal Best Practice Look Like? Make sure that you cover the following bases all day, every day to really stand out from the crowd. Attention to detail Patient and calm Open to questions and input from others Able... Continue Reading →

What High Achievers Do

What High Achievers Do Have a clear task and purpose Focus on achieving results Have a clear view of their personal vision and values Can effectively and efficiently solve problems and make decisions Recognise conflict when it happens and effectively... Continue Reading →

What Makes For A Good Leader?

What Makes For A Good Leader? Intelligence: sifting through data, making decisions, tracking projects running at the same time and managing many different types of resources. Technical intelligence: having functional and technical knowledge and skills so that they can manage... Continue Reading →

How To Write A Personal Development Plan (PDP)

How To Write A Personal Development Plan (PDP) It is very hard to map out where you want to be in terms of a whole range of issues (career, personal and social life) without some guiding process or document that... Continue Reading →

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