How To Have A Flexible Management Style

How To Have A Flexible Management Style

Managers need to have a flexible approach to the rigours of the job because every situation is unique and setting down, and living with, fixed rules and principles is an almost impossible task.

Successful managers learn to flex-up their approach to make the most of the problems, and opportunities, that come along.

The following four pointers are designed to deliver some flex in the way you manage your staff and resources:

Assess your Team: asking the following questions delivers some strong flex options

  • How can I help you to succeed?
  • How much direction do you need?
  • Do you want feedback to make your own decisions or do you want my guidance/approval first?
  • Do you like frequent discussions or do you only want to chat when there are issues that need resolving?
  • How much feedback do you want?

Create a Plan: asking the following questions delivers some strong flex options

  • How much Coaching and Mentoring is needed for specific individuals?
  • Will some require more support than others?
  • When and where will I need to deliver some fixed, concrete direction and when and where can staff be left to decide what they are doing?
  • How will feedback be structured and given?

Deliver the Plan: stick to the Plan and be clear what is in it BUT allow a degree of flexibility within it reflecting changes that are needed as goals and restrictions change!

Reflect: always allow a reasonable amount to time to pass and then carefully review the Plan.

  • Are you making a positive impact upon performance and outcomes?
  • How engaged are your staff?
  • How empowered are your staff?
  • Is performance what you expected, better than expected or below what you expected?

By keeping a flexible approach you never become restricted in terms of your options and are able to change and refine the use of your resources to meet the goals that you need to achieve.

Good Luck!

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