What Good Managers Do Every Day

What Good Managers Do Every Day

How can you make some simple changes to your working day that will have a very positive impact upon your staff and how the tasks you set them get done more effectively and more efficiently?

  • Be visible: be seen, communicate well and connect on many levels with the team. They WANT to see you!
  • Be fair: you may well have staff that you like more than others BUT make sure that you deal with everyone fairly and equitably. Favouritism breeds resentment.
  • Be accountable: if you make a mistake declare this, show that it was YOU who made the error and be humble. Never try to shift the blame.
  • Keep an eye on the details of the task: never let your eyes wander away from what is exactly required and make sure that your team follows the same basic principle.
  • Be calm; when things go wrong or when an unexpected problem arises keep a cool head and think your way out of the crisis.
  • Be cautious with sensitive information: you have access to material that others do not have hence keep this information close to you and do not let this leak.
  • Have good energy levels: management is a demanding game and you need to be on top of what is going on. Slouching at your desk and letting others get on with things is just as bad a micro-managing staff. Be alert and engaged in what is going on!
  • Pay attention to your appearance: this is a very important part of the role model process. Scruffy and unkempt managers have a scruffy and unkempt approach to the job, the team and the organisation.
  • You CANNOT know it all so be very open and welcoming to new information, new ideas and most importantly the inputs from your team. Listen twice as much as you speak – you will be amazed just how much information you then can gather!
  • Have a strong sense of ethical direction; YOU know what is right and what is wrong and you should have no doubt about standing up and justifying the decisions that you have made to anyone who asks!
  • Know EXACTLY how you come across to other people and the impact that you have on them. Develop and fine-tune your ability to see the impact that your communication style (words, mannerisms, emails, orders and instructions) have on those around you and be prepared to modify your style on a regular basis!

Good Luck!

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