How To Avoid Being An Ineffective Manager

How To Avoid Being An Ineffective Manager

Poor and weak managers are present in every organisation at every level – to succeed in your career you MUST make sure that nobody can put that tag or description onto you!

The following are the typical actions of unacceptable, ineffective, inefficient and failing management – make sure none apply to you!

  • Weak decision-making; decisions cannot be justified when the person concerned is asked to do so.
  • Too many second-guesses when it comes to important decisions.
  • Having a style that lacks humility but which promotes total arrogance.
  • Having a style that is inappropriate for the setting of the organisation: either too informal or excessively formal.
  • Ineffective budget and financial management which creates problems for the organisation: over-spending and under-spending on projects.
  • Relationships with staff that are either inappropriate or badly misjudged.
  • Poor communication with staff within the organisation.
  • Poor communication with customers and suppliers which puts at risk the reputation and stability of the organisation.
  • Failing to identify and then develop the skills in the organisation to such an extent that talented and able staff leave before getting anywhere near their full potential.
  • Not willing (or able) to see a crisis when it begins and the ability to successfully steer out of it.

This list is not complete – perhaps you could add some more topics to it?

Good Luck!

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