How To Get Things Done In Management

How To Get Things Done In Management

Successful managers have a clear path when dealing with the practical aspects of the job: they rarely appear troubled by what is going on around them and have a reliable personal operational plan that gets results.

So what is in that plan? The answer is relatively simple and offers a way through the complexities of the job. The Rules are as follows:

  1. Focus: be very clear on what you want to achieve and how this will be measured. If the deadline for the Project is 09.00 on Monday, then that is your primary focus, so plan everything around how you get to that finish point. Your focus here then should be to complete everything by 17.00 on the previous Friday, or earlier if possible. Successful people, in all walks of life, have a clear focus and a determination to get there.
  2. Avoid Perfectionism: we all want to do a good job, produce results to the best of our ability and be conscientious in our approach. This is a very noble thing to aspire to but managers become obsessed with perfection when actually doing a good job, producing good or even acceptable results is a far more effective way of carrying out your duties. Being a perfectionist can mean losing sight of other issues around you which will trip you up at a later date.
  3. Update the way you work: always look to review how you are functioning and where you can develop more effective and efficient working systems. Old routines that worked last year need to be thrown away and better, more responsive tools applied tom help you to better manage the workload.
  4. Set realistic expectations: know what the constraints are around the resources that you have at your disposal and act accordingly. If your team do not have the expertise to deliver what is needed then act accordingly and be honest about that. Such conversations are never easy but by being open and honest about what can, and what cannot be achieved, you can deal with issues before they become problems.
  5. Set limits: know when to stop with a particular course of action and avoid spending time, effort and resources on things that are just hovering up your attention. Similarly set some boundaries around the support that you give to others and let them take ownership of projects for themselves.

Above all else be clear on your priorities, know what direction you are travelling in and act accordingly to really boost the chances of your ongoing success.

Good Luck!

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