Increasing My Personal Influence

The Art Of Being Seriously Impressive

The Art Of Being Seriously Impressive Some people are far better than others at influencing and working with those around them. Some people draw others to them through a range of different methods and strategies while others try very hard... Continue Reading →

What Influencing Skills Does A Manager Need Today?

What Influencing Skills Does A Manager Need Today? Managers are seeing today that their responsibilities are greater than their authority. In the past managers got things done through the work of others that the manager controlled. Now managers need to... Continue Reading →

How Can I Improve My Confidence?

How Can I Improve My Confidence? Different people increase, and work actively upon increasing their confidence levels and we could all probably benefit from a boost in this area. This applies also to those amongst us who come across as... Continue Reading →

How To Use Persuasion To Maximise Your Influence

How To Use Persuasion To Maximise Your Influence We cannot always get things to go the way we want them to – some of us are luckier than others when it comes to persuading others that their chosen path is... Continue Reading →

How To Be More Effective

How To Be More Effective In the push to be constantly improving and refining the work that you are doing and to help you achieve your targets and objectives look carefully at the points below and ask yourself the following... Continue Reading →

What Is My Management Style?

What Is My Management Style? What are the key factors that shape you as a manager? What makes you different from your colleagues and other managers that you have previously worked with? Some of the questions might help you to... Continue Reading →

Influencing Skills And How We Present Ourselves.

Influencing Skills And How We Present Ourselves. “When an individual plays a part he implicitly requests his observers to take seriously the impression that is fostered before them.” When dealing with others we wear a mask as we present ourselves... Continue Reading →

How To Use Charisma For Business Success.

How do we effectively and efficiently increase our sphere of Influence? Charisma increases your sphere of influence. People listen when you talk. Colleagues consider and support your ideas. Talented and gifted people want to join your team and social circle.... Continue Reading →

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