Use Pulse Meetings For Quick Improvements In Performance

Use Pulse Meetings For Quick Improvements In Performance

One of the biggest frustrations in management is the amount of time and effort that goes into setting up, preparing and then running meetings that achieve nothing and effectively leave issues and problems unresolved.

A much better way is to run a series of short Pulse Meetings where performance information is presented and analysed with the firm view of making changes that the whole tea then implements immediately. The trick is to run them regularly so that they become part of Business as Usual and therefore become a key part of the organisational or departmental culture.

Here the status of any activities already underway can be assessed and monitored and issues communicated to all of the group and not just hidden away by a few members of the team. Far better to get things out into the open as much as is possible.

Any issues that need to be resolved can then be dealt with after the Pulse Meeting – this should always be a separate meeting and those staff not needed for this should not be invited as they will have nothing to contribute to the process.

The frequency of the Pulse Meetings will need to be directly related to the urgency and importance of the topic – in extreme circumstances they may need to take place several times a day but in less uncertain and less pressured times a more regular scheduling will suffice.

None of the above is difficult rocket science or quantum physics – keep things simple and stick to the points above.

Good Luck!

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