What Staff Want From Their Managers

What Staff Want From Their Managers

The working relationships that are effective, productive and above all else satisfying and motivating for all concerned depend on a number of common principles that operate regardless of the type of organisation that you find yourself in.

Try looking at what you do to see if this correlates with any of the points below:

  • Fulfilling the personal needs of your staff: this is the most basic need and can include the need to be successful, the need for security and certainty and the need for acceptance or approval. To make this work for you, never turn issues into win/lose contests, always make proposals as low-risk as possible, ask for input, make buy-in easy, and remember that people care what others think.
  • Be credible: staff will look to you for guidance and direction. Here you need to show knowledge, competence, trustworthiness and fairness. To make this work for you make sure that you know what you are doing, work with and get the input from experts if you are ever in any doubt on a topic, be seen to be fair, honest, and above board in all dealings and always put the personal needs of others first.
  • Be an excellent communicator with a skill for persuasion: talk to people in terms of their needs and interests, use examples that staff can relate to and understand when communicating and focus upon the needs of the listener. To make this work for you always keep your promises, deal with arguments head-on, and always act consistently with your personal position.

None of the above is difficult rocket science or quantum physics – keep things simple and stick to the points above.

Good Luck!

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