How To Deal Effectively With Annoying People

How To Deal Effectively With Annoying People

The workplace is full of challenges, most notable of which is dealing effectively with people that you would rather not have anything to do with. Just like families, sadly you cannot choose those that are seemingly manacled, chained or stapled to you in the workplace – you just have to soldier through it and make the best of it.

Just getting on with it is easier said than done, yet the ability to deal and work with those who are not on your page so to speak marks out successful managers from those that are not!

Try the following pointers and see if they can help you with your struggles:

  1. Never give in: being annoyed and manipulated (or “bounced” as I like to call it) into a course of action or a decision plays right into their hands and will leave you frustrated and more angry than before. If you have researched the topic or subject and you know all of the data, and most importantly, you know that you are right, then stick to your guns. If you have not done this you will always come off worse.
  2. Stay calm: the main trick of the protagonist is to unsettle you by getting under your skin. If you let this happen you have already lost the battle and will likely lose the war. Think ahead to anticipate the tactic, to expect what is coming and prepare your cool, logical responses.
  3. Ignore the ongoing protests: people get worn down until they give in, allowing the other person(s) to have the upper hand, something they will constantly remind you about. Stick to your position, having once again done your homework and being totally sure of your position and steadfast in your beliefs. Remember. You are right!
  4. Provide a Single Warning: if things are getting difficult and you feel that you are being challenged in an unprofessional or unfair way, give only one warning of what you will do and then stick to that. Giving any more than one warning just weakens your position and has little or no impact on what is going on.
  5. Follow through with a consequence: a warning without any consequential action is just a waste of oxygen. Be prepared to deliver on what you say you will deliver. Be sure, however, that you are capable of delivering the consequence, otherwise you just look foolish.
  6. Be consistent: never, ever waver from your chosen path, however much you might be tempted to do so. Consistency means certainty and challenging people dislike consistency from their opposition.

Good Luck!

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