Key Leadership Principles To Deliver Success

Key Leadership Principles To Deliver Success

Forget all the jaw-jaw, to really make your mark follow the Principles below to significantly increase your expertise, skills and success in the job role:

Leading to Win:

  1. Build your credibility from coherent action and positive leadership – let people know who you are and what you stand for.
  2. Deliver innovation and think about problems/issues/systems from a different angle – you may well make mistakes, but this is acceptable if you learn from them.
  3. Believe in the importance of alignment and management of expectations – be clear with your team what is and what is not possible.
  4. Exhibit responsible behaviour and a balanced approach to the tasks you are given – make sure that people around you see you as reliable and sound.

Deliver Results:

  1. Show courage and commitment when making decisions – take calculated risks but remain calm and professional while you do this.
  2. Seek out collaboration and co-operation in your drive for delivery – work on this at all levels within and outside the organisation.
  3. Embrace change and implement it carefully – recognise the need to manage its consequences carefully.
  4. Deliver results with compliance and sustainable practices – success must be permanent and capable of being built upon.

Develop talent and promote teamwork:

  1. Encourage personal commitment to the success of the organisation – embed this in your team and at an individual team member level.
  2. Identify and nurture team members who show leadership potential – always identify those who can rise to the challenge should you leave.
  3. Always be open to continual learning – this also means sharing what you know, and have learned, with others.
  4. Be committed to receiving, and giving, honest, detailed and constructive feedback on performance – always promote mutual respect, however difficult this might be!
  5. Build diverse teams – a diverse team delivers best results.

Communicate and network professionally:

  1. Always look for ways to satisfy customers – make sure that your work attracts other customers and fresh business opportunities.
  2. Ask challenging questions – drill down into systems to find better ways of delivering the business.
  3. Have open and honest dialogue with all stakeholders, especially external ones –use the dialogue to identify trends, consumer habits and business opportunities.
  4. Have a focus upon how the organisation impacts upon communities – champion community engagement at all levels.

The above plan is a lot to deliver all at once but keeping a regular focus on the Principles above will build your competences, knowledge and skills to help you progress through the management ranks without fail.

Good Luck!

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