Effective Leadership

Do I Have Good Team Leadership Skills?

Do I Have Good Team Leadership Skills? Successful managers are just so because they know how to lead and manage their people – often, however, we do not take the time to evaluate how effective and efficient our Team might... Continue Reading →


Does My Management Style Deliver Total Quality Management?

Does My Management Style Deliver Total Quality Management? The BIG question that needs to be asked, but which many managers shy away from, is to be brutally honest with yourself and ask if what you are really doing meets the... Continue Reading →

What Makes Good Quality Leadership?

What Makes Good Quality Leadership? We all want to be good Leaders and Managers and we probably have our own views about how to make that become a reality. The following principles below will help you to achieve strong and... Continue Reading →

How To Be An Excellent Leader

How To Be An Excellent Leader Make sure that you practice acts of leadership your everyday life. Follow the paths of well-known role models who have mastered the art of Leadership. Do your research wisely and widely for maximum impact... Continue Reading →

How To Be Really Creative All Of The Time

How To Be Really Creative All Of The Time Preparation: get yourself immersed into issues and problems that catch your interest and which will stimulate you. Curiosity is critical here! Incubation: allow ideas to swirl around in your mind without... Continue Reading →

How To Get The Most From Your Staff

How To Get The Most From Your Staff If things seem a little stale or lacking in passion in the workplace or amongst the team have a look at the following pointers to see if you can get an extra... Continue Reading →

12 Skills Of An Outstanding Manager

12 Skills Of An Outstanding Manager Care about what it is that you do! Really care or do something else! Listen to everyone around you and take note of what they are saying. Understand and make sure that your working... Continue Reading →

Are You An Entrepreneurial Leader?

Are You An Entrepreneurial Leader? Ask yourself the following questions to find out! Do you take personal responsibility for the Department/Section as if it really was your own business? Do you really focus upon the customer? Do you look at... Continue Reading →


ARE YOU AN EROS OR A LOGOS LEADER? Many business leaders have a predominantly Eros personality. They’re creative, enthusiastic and good at big-picture thinking and making connections. They love to tell stories and create inspiring visions. As charismatic leaders, they... Continue Reading →

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