What Makes Good Quality Leadership?

What Makes Good Quality Leadership? We all want to be good Leaders and Managers and we probably have our own views about how to make that become a reality. The following principles below will help you to achieve strong and... Continue Reading →

Am I A Leader Manager or Entrepreneur?

Am I A Leader Manager or Entrepreneur? Leader: has a focus upon CHANGE, sets the direction, brings resources together and motivates people. Manager: has a focus upon COMPLEXITY, plans, organises, coordinates, optimises and controls. Entrepreneur: has a focus upon OPPORTUNITY,... Continue Reading →

What Are The Key Differences Between Management And Leadership?

What Are The Key Differences Between Management And Leadership? Management Leadership Nuts and bolts Visionary Following policies, procedures, processes Make decisions Day to day Long term focus and view Can read it in a book Cannot be taught Improved through... Continue Reading →

Skills Spot – What Do Leaders Do?

Skills Spot – What Do Leaders Do? The core functions of leadership are set out below – there should be nothing here that you are not doing already, possibly to differing degrees, but you are doing them! The core pillars... Continue Reading →

What Are Meetings For?

What Are Meetings For? “There are too many meetings here!” How often do you hear that in the workplace? Too many times I would guess. There should only be one of five reasons for a meeting which are; To exchange... Continue Reading →

Top Tips To Avoid Project Management Failure

Top Tips To Avoid Project Management Failure  The key objective in project management is to complete your project successfully. Project teams are specifically brought together to solve critical issues and problems where failure to diagnose and recommend a solution are... Continue Reading →

Using And Developing Expert Power

Using And Developing Expert Power Leaders draw upon many different sources of power to assist them in carrying out their duties and tasks. Position and the ability to control and give out tasks, rewards, punish and gate-keep information are all... Continue Reading →

Getting More From Your Staff

Getting More From Your Staff All organisations try very hard to set up operational systems and procedures that will maximise output and deliver (hopefully) continual efficiencies. The one thing that no organisation can control, programme or ultimately rely upon are... Continue Reading →

10 Top Tips For Improving Quality

10 Top Tips For Improving Quality How can you quickly and at minimal cost improve quality in your team, organisation or product? Try the following and see the positive outcomes you gain. Ask the Caretaker and Office Cleaner what they think... Continue Reading →

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