Improving Your Personal Skills – You’ve Got This

Improving Your Personal Skills – You’ve Got This

We all want to be better at what we do, and we probably spend large amounts of time thinking about how we can do this, watching others who (seemingly) appear to have well-developed skills in lots of different areas and then getting disheartened with things.

Try having a review of your expertise in the following areas to sharpen up your personal skills quickly and effectively:

  • Time management: using available time to maximum effect
  • Getting the right things done: not doing the wrong things that are probably more interesting
  • Working on the business: this means not being distracted by things that are outside the business
  • Meetings: having fewer and shorter
  • Delegation: use this to develop your staff and to give you more time to do your job
  • People: select, prune and develop to give you the chance to plan and meet your objectives
  • Have a results focus: the only reason you are in your job
  • Fact-centred thinking: stick to the facts and ignore everything else
  • Systems and procedures: follow them and make them work for you
  • Self-accountability: be your harshest critic rather than letting others do this for you

Good Luck!

Visit my website for specific Blogs and advice on the above topics that are essential for your personal success and to develop your skills.



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