What Makes A Great Communicator?

What Makes A Great Communicator?

  1. Able to convey complex ideas in simple terms – this gets all of the audience on-board quickly and effectively.
  2. Eliminate jargon and speak with your own words – break down complex information into several parts.
  3. Be Charismatic – create and articulate a strong vision, use metaphors and personal examples to illustrate the power and content of your message.
  4. Be a Very Good listener – listen before saying a word and seek feedback on your message so that you know if your approach has been a success.
  5. Be Well Prepared – good preparation and planning is absolutely essential for all meetings, interview, presentation or dialogue.
  6. Be Confident – make sure that you create and use good eye contact. This will make an emotional connection with your audience.
  7. Use stories and metaphors – stories will inspire the audience and will effectively illustrate your points.
  8. Be Passionate – identify and share what you are passionate about and push that enthusiasm through all levels of the organisation.
  9. Be Responsive – support your team at every point.
  10. Be Positive – take time and prepare your communication so that you use powerful and positive words.
  11. Use communication to deliver praise on all around you including staff, customers and colleagues so that all feel valued and appreciated.

Good Luck!

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