How Are Staff Retention, Staff Skill And Service Quality Linked?

How Are Staff Retention, Staff Skill And Service Quality Linked?

Appreciation makes employees feel appreciated and valued.

Attracting and retaining high-skilled employees is a primary goal for businesses. To lose staff is a serious cost made worse by the possibility that they will be now be working for your competition. Double-loss!


Skill is the combination of knowledge and experience. Workers gain experience from prior employment and by spending time on the job. Knowledge, on the other hand, is acquired formally and informally. The combination of both Makes each employee a resource that you should be aiming to keep and nurture, comfortable in the knowledge that you have a labour pool that will give the organisation some skill-flex.

Service Quality

Businesses need, and will, continually search for, high service quality. Without it, companies fail to retain customers and miss out on gaining a competitive advantage. The difference between organisations operating in a crowded marketplace, where products are similar and often easily replaced by what the competition can offer, is the quality of the staff each employs and their commitment to giving the customer exactly what they need.


Retention measures how well a company keeps its workforce by tracking the number of workers who leave voluntarily. If skilled labour leaves an organisation this creates a hole that needs to be filled to maintain competitive advantage. Many companies are not good at even monitoring staff turnover let alone considering the damage this creates. What is needed is a rigorous approach to controlling departures to preserve skill levels and also to reduce the wastes monies used in an almost permanent cycle of recruitment.

The three factors are intimately connected and when scanning your market take time to see how your competitors manage these inputs to their business – chances are that the most successful firm, the market-leader is the one that sees their importance and connectivity.

Good Luck!

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