How To Be An Excellent Leader

How To Be An Excellent Leader

  1. Stay on Top of Intelligence. New technology hits the organisation and the market every day so you MUST stay up to date with the latest developments, shifting information, emerging trends and market awareness. You can only make sound business decisions when you do this and do it systematically.
  2. Give your Team what it needs to perform. Learn carefully and systematically what it takes to get the very best from your individual staff members and yourself. Make sure that your staff are focused, empowered, switched-on and that they have an action-centred way of delivering their outputs. You do not have all of the answers and if you fail to involve and engage your staff then you are losing a huge amount of expertise and creativity which you will need to achieve your goals.
  1. Involve everyone in solving problems. Your employees and colleagues are some of the best resources you have, and you have to create an environment where they can deliver, meet expectations and work creatively to solve problems. Getting their feedback or asking questions builds relationships and creates an atmosphere where people will readily and naturally involve you in their work and in improving systems, procedures and outputs. ALL staff want to perform – it is up to you to allow them to do so.
  2. Encourage collaboration in all areas of your work. The more people are involved in what is going on in the workplace the more they will contribute. We all like to feel that we have “ownership” or involvement in what is going on and a positive approach to collaboration makes sure that problems get resolved, talents are identified and developed, strategy and operations become more refined and customer-focused. Make collaboration a transparent process!

 To be a success as a manager you will need a range of skills at your command and the desire to be creative and hands-on when it is needed. Success is so much more than just barking orders and hoping for the best!

Good Luck!

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