How To Judge Product Quality

How To Judge Product Quality

The only effective measure of an assessment of product quality can only come from the view of the customer.

As long as the customer wants the product it is clear that the particular item we are considering is a quality product: if this changes and demand reduces it is no longer the quality product it once was!

The most important factor here then is to continually keep in contact with the customer to find out exactly what they want and to then deliver that.

Customers expect the following in their product:

  1. Functionality: what the product does. The more the product can do the more important it will become to the customer. Products with limited functionality have a lower quality rating than those who incorporate wider uses.
  2. Performance: how well does the product perform in doing what it claims it can do. A product that is faster, stronger and easier to use will be seen as of higher quality than products that do not have these features.
  3. Reliability: the consistence of performance over time. Does the product deliver on the promises made to the customer when it was purchased? A more reliable product is always seen to be of high quality.
  4. Durability: how robust is the product? The more durable the product the higher its quality rating or perception.
  5. Customisation: how well the product fits the need. Important where additional features are available or can be added to a base model. The greater the degree of fit to the customer’s need the greater the quality of the product.
  6. Appearance: how the product looks. This sends the right image about the product and its application and how it can be used. Products where time and effort have gone into the appearance of it are regarded as high quality items.

Use the above points as a checklist to asses where your product sits with the competition and amend your offer accordingly!

(You might also consider using the framework to critically assess service delivery too!).

Good Luck!

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