Does My Management Style Deliver Total Quality Management?

Does My Management Style Deliver Total Quality Management?

The BIG question that needs to be asked, but which many managers shy away from, is to be brutally honest with yourself and ask if what you are really doing meets the Total Quality Management (TQM) approach to running a business/service/product delivery?

Ask yourself the following tough, difficult but ultimately very powerful questions.

  1. Customer focus: do I have one? Am I really meeting the needs and expectations of my customers?
  2. Comprehensive: does this approach cover all aspects of my area of responsibility/the wider organisation?
  3. Is my system Inclusive: is everyone involved and are they pushing in the right direction all of the time? If not, what needs to happen?
  4. Do I Measure what is going on? Are costs being tracked that impact upon quality, how much is failure and rework costing the team/department/organisation and are we getting things right first time?
  5. Are my Methods the best they can be? Are systems to support quality understood and followed by the staff?
  6. Continuous Improvement: are systems and procedures being systematically developed and refined to deliver incremental and sustainable improvement?

By considering the above points, and by being totally honest with your outlook and data collected, you will quickly come to a conclusion about not only where you are currently but also what changes you need to make to be more successful.

Good Luck!

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