5 Basic Rules of Successful Management

5 Basic Rules of Successful Management

  1. Innovation: make sure that what you do is continually being updated, refined, developed and improved. History is littered with organisations that did not opt to innovate and develop. How many people do you know that watch a black and white television?
  2. Mastery: be the very best at what you do, every time everywhere. If you cannot master what you do you will always be subject to external threats and being overtaken by the competition.
  3. Authenticity: believe in what you do, do it well, do it correctly so that customers (whoever they may be) will recognise what you do as being a solid and professional product or service.
  4. Courageous: management takes courage sometimes to make decisions that are difficult, problematic and unpopular. Whilst it is perfectly natural to shy away from such challenges they will still be there and will still need to be dealt with. Just do it!
  5. Ethical: be ethical in what you do and act in such a way that nobody can accuse you of being underhand or dishonest, even if this means losing out on contracts or opportunities. An unethical decision that brings short-term business also brings with it medium and long-term problems and reputational damage.

Good Luck!

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