Managing A Crisis – Five Point Plan For Success

Managing A Crisis – Five Point Plan For Success

Sadly, things seldom go the way we want them to or even plan them to, despite our best efforts!

We will all have to deal with some form of management crisis at some point in our working lives and often these moments are career-defining in terms of how we deal with the situation and how we emerge after the crisis has, hopefully, gone away.

There is lots of advice out there in terms of the best way to manage a crisis but they all get boiled down into the following Five Points:

  1. Speak with candour: be honest and truthful about the scale and scope of the crisis. Blunt honesty goes a long way in getting staff and stakeholders on-board quickly and for them to actively want to get involved in dealing with the issues.
  2. Prioritise: find out quickly what the most important issues are and what must be dealt with first. Forget about “quick wins” that do little to sort out the problem and go straight for the big topics that are creating pain and discomfort.
  3. Adversity breeds opportunity: a crisis is an excellent tool for doing things differently and to get out of the mess you will have to be more creative that normal. Many crises bring about longer-term business benefits in terms of more effective, efficient and streamlined processes and procedures.
  4. Respond, don’t react: be measured in what you do as the crisis unfolds and develops. Respond with a clear head and never get drawn into a reaction which you later wish you had not done.
  5. Give everyone some of the credit once things are resolved: never hog all the praise, use the crisis as an opportunity to motivate and reward the staff and others who helped you.

Good Luck!

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