How To Deliver Successful Change

How To Deliver Successful Change

 Delivering Change is a key part of any management job; sometimes this is born out of emergency, practical necessity, operational updates or a whole host of different drivers. Whichever it is you are expected to deliver this with care and focus so that the organisation can move on.

So, what are the key components of this change?

  • Create a sense of urgency about the need for change
  • Communicate a clear and compelling vision of the benefits to be gained from the process
  • Identify likely supporters of the change, opponents of the change and reasons for this resistance
  • Build and maintain a broad coalition to support the change
  • Fill key positions with competent change agents and supporters of the change
  • Set up task forces or groups to drive through the change – you cannot do it all yourself!
  • Empower competent and trusted staff to help plan and implement the change
  • Prepare staff for how they will be affected by the change by clearly and carefully explaining how and why their jobs will look
  • Help staff to overcome the stress and difficulties of the change: whatever the change is it WILL create stress and worry
  • Use early successes to build and develop confidence
  • Monitor the change and keep close tabs on how it is moving along – never take your eye off this part of the process
  • Update and keep people informed on the progress of the change
  • Always show optimism and commitment to the change

The above are used to obtain factual but background information and details on an issue.

Good Luck!

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