How To Motivate Apathetic Or Disillusioned Staff

How To Motivate Apathetic Or Disillusioned Staff

Everyone goes through periods of time when motivation dips, performance takes a nose-dive and production suffers. We also see here increased staff sickness and absenteeism.

So, what can you do to get staff motivated again?

  1. Set some fresh, challenging goals and show your confidence that the staff group/individual can achieve them
  2. Set out a clear and appealing vision of what success looks like and what this could mean for personal development and progression for the team/individual
  3. Use rational persuasion and appeal for inspiration to boost output, confidence and motivation
  4. Lead by example – always!
  5. Use consultation and delegation to get tasks moving again
  6. Provide recognition that you know will motivate and increase effort and application

Good Luck!

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