What Exactly Is Management?

What Exactly Is Management? Management is all about controlling and structuring all available resources, whether human and physical, in such a way that the goals of the organisation, whatever they might be, are achieved. Management has the following features, regardless... Continue Reading →

Managing Uncertainty

Managing Uncertainty We work and operate in difficult, challenging and uncertain times. In the wider, macro-environment there are huge political economic and social changes taking place. Within the organisations that we know and work for the same is true –... Continue Reading →

Six Top Management Competences

Six Top Management Competences Regardless of the type of organisation that you work in, the outcomes you are trying to generate or the range of suppliers, customers and other stakeholders that you are attempting to please, the following six Key... Continue Reading →

The 4 BIG Management Challenges

The 4 BIG Management Challenges  Having a true Customer Focus Avoiding an organisational Skills Crisis and Talent Gap Delivering on Continuous Improvement Balancing the change from Innovation against the associated Risk Good Luck! For more details about our services visit... Continue Reading →

Why Should Managers Plan?

Why Should Managers Plan? Planning takes time and effort, we tend to put it off if we can, it’s a bit of a chore and why not just go with it and get on with the job? Planning gives you... Continue Reading →

Am I A Leader Manager or Entrepreneur?

Am I A Leader Manager or Entrepreneur? Leader: has a focus upon CHANGE, sets the direction, brings resources together and motivates people. Manager: has a focus upon COMPLEXITY, plans, organises, coordinates, optimises and controls. Entrepreneur: has a focus upon OPPORTUNITY,... Continue Reading →

5 Highly Effective Management Resolutions For 2018

5 Highly Effective Management Resolutions For 2018 By just doing the average, being no better or worse than anyone else, settling for the middle ground and just hoping for the best – all hallmarks of poor, unsatisfactory and inadequate management.... Continue Reading →

How Am I Doing As A Manager?

How Am I Doing As A Manager? We all need some reflection and review on how we are performing in the job but this needs to be done by colleagues that you trust, whose opinions you value and who will... Continue Reading →

Getting Maximum Efficiency – How To Sequence Your Tasks

Getting Maximum Efficiency - How To Sequence Your Tasks Time is money, time is precious and there is never enough of it! To get the maximum from your working day, week or even morning and afternoon time-slots ask yourself the... Continue Reading →

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