5 Highly Effective Management Resolutions For 2018

5 Highly Effective Management Resolutions For 2018

By just doing the average, being no better or worse than anyone else, settling for the middle ground and just hoping for the best – all hallmarks of poor, unsatisfactory and inadequate management.

Nobody wants to be in the middle of the list, or even worse, towards or even at the bottom of the pile.

Success is all about building upon what went well/is going well but also needs to focus upon where the next series of improvements are coming from.

Settling just for current success is another measure of inadequate management.

The way to move forward and to deliver consistent excellent management lies within the following areas:

  1. Committed Leadership: making sure that organisational processes are delivered to the very best standards with a drive for success and consistency, accompanied by high personal managerial standards.
  2. Commitment to People: getting the best from staff working on each task and seeking out and encouraging new ideas and better ways of working.
  3. Customer Focus; everything revolves around putting the customer first, always remembering that customers are not just the external ones who provide cash! Forget the bland “the customer at the centre of everything we do” statement but make this work in practical and measurable terms. Get the team to really think about how and where they can enhance the customer experience so that they do our marketing for us. Free Marketing! That has to be a true measure of excellent management skill and delivery.
  4. Integrated processes and teams: delivering cooperation and collaboration that really drives results. Making effective and efficient working relationships with key stakeholders including those internal to the organisation.
  5. Quality Driven Agenda: a real, grass-roots ownership of the work that is being done, the feedback you get along the way but also some pride in the outcomes that many just take for granted. Be loud and celebrate what we do well.

Delivering a couple of the above will get some results but will still keep you in the middle of the pile. Who wants to be there?

Think about all five – some will be easier than others but all are important if you want to shine!

Good Luck!

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