What Exactly Is Management?

What Exactly Is Management?

Management is all about controlling and structuring all available resources, whether human and physical, in such a way that the goals of the organisation, whatever they might be, are achieved.

Management has the following features, regardless of the purpose and direction of any organisation:

  1. Management is Goal-Oriented: The success of any management activity is assessed by its achievement of the predetermined goals or objectives. This can mean many different things and is intimately linked to the Mission of the organisation itself but a good catch-all approach would be that the Goal that unites all organisations is one that aims for achieving maximum consumer satisfaction by producing quality goods and at reasonable prices. An organisation without clear and measurable goals is a failing organisation.
  2. Management integrates Human, Physical and Financial Resources: Effective management is one where all available resources are fine-tuned to meet the needs of that organisation in the correct balance at the correct time. This requires considerable skills and application on the part of all managers, regardless of their position within the business.
  3. Management is Continuous: Management is an ongoing process which involves the continuous handling of problems and issues around core activity and which is fine-tuned to customer need, market intelligence and the activities of competitors. No organisation, however successful at any point in time, can afford to stand still and not develop or innovate its products /services or processes.
  4. Management is a Team-Orientated process: Successful organisations know how to blend together the skills and competences of its human resources to achieve common goals. Management is never about the individual and should always be looking towards how to develop and nurture their human capital.

In a crowded market, where competition is strong and the differences between individual companies and their products/services are hard to define, the most successful organisations are those that consistently work towards harnessing the collective power of their teams.

Good Luck!

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