Why Should Managers Plan?

Why Should Managers Plan?

Planning takes time and effort, we tend to put it off if we can, it’s a bit of a chore and why not just go with it and get on with the job?

Planning gives you the chance to define what you are trying to achieve and how to go about successfully doing so.

You can, of course, always hope to muddle through, hoping for the best!

Planning brings the following benefits:

  • Helps you cope with uncertainty: this avoids the unpleasant surprises that come along and which quickly become crises.
  • Helps you think ahead: plan and think beyond your current position so that you can move to the next stage. Products have a finite life and they need careful planning and management to ensure that they return the best possible return BUT also recognising that a new product will be needed to replace the existing ones.
  • Helps you to coordinate activity: allocating responsibility for tasks and bringing this activity together can only effectively happen when this is set out and monitored.
  • Helps you to check on your progress: critically assessing progress and setting planned targets or milestones are essential parts of what you are expected to do!

We all have to deal with changing circumstances and variations in what we expect to be happening – this need not be disastrous IF we have set out our plans and can recognise where we are and what we want to achieve!

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