How Can I Improve My Emotional Intelligence?

How Can I Improve My Emotional Intelligence?

An effective understanding of the key principles of Emotional Intelligence (EI) sets apart the successful manager from the less-than successful manager as working collaboratively with those around you is a central and essential management attribute.

So, to make the most of your management style, consider the following tips to boost or refresh your grasp of EI to maximise your impact:

  • Observe how you react to people around you: Do you rush into judgements about people or situations before you fully know, and understand, the facts? Try to put yourself in their shoes and look at things from their perspective and be more open and accepting of different views and opinions.
  • Do you seek attention for your achievements at work? Humility is the best quality in any manager and if your work is truly outstanding then success and recognition will find its way to your door naturally. Humility does not mean that you are shy or lack confidence! Be quietly confident about your skills and outputs but let others shine and soak up some praise.
  • Identify your weaknesses and strengths carefully and systematically. Are you willing to accept that you are not perfect, not the finished article and that you will always need some self development?
  • How do you react to stressful situations? Do you become upset, irritated or angry when there are delays and unforeseen issues that emerge? Do you blame others for this when it might actually be you that has caused the problem? Staying calm in difficult situations is a feature of h=good management and is something that organisations value highly. Always keep your emotions in check when things go wrong.
  • Take responsibility for your actions. If you upset someone else apologise immediately and directly and never ignore or pretend to forget the error that you have made. People are usually more willing to forgive and forget if you make an honest attempt to make things right.

Always consider how your actions will impact upon others: put yourself in their place and see how that might feel. Ask yourself would you want that kind of experience?

Emotional Intelligence skills can be learned and you can develop them over time – you owe it to yourself to do that to enable you to be the best manager that you can be.

Good Luck!

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