Did I Make the Right Decision?

Did I Make the Right Decision?

Managers are paid to make decisions, simple as that, but do you consistently and carefully think and review exactly the decisions that you are making?

We can all learn from experience and critically assessing past decisions, and their outcomes, sharpens up the skill going forward.

Ask yourself the following four questions:

  1. What exactly did the decision involve and what was decided?
  2. Was it an easy decision to make or was it complex and messy? What made it so?
  3. How did those involved make the decision? What were the main points used to arrive at the decision and were these fair, balanced and was it made with good, reliable data or information?
  4. Did you consider that the outcome of the decision was satisfactory or not? Why was that?

By reviewing decision making processes and content you will develop your skills and become more proficient in all areas of your responsibility.

Good Luck!

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