How To Set Your Priorities

How To Set Your Priorities

Setting priorities is an important part of management and life and we are all judged, every day, by the priorities we identify and then use.

This is an area that is very difficult to handle and something few of us really master.

A helpful approach, used by successful managers in all sectors, is outlined below:

  • Assess the situation – understand the environment and position that you are in
  • Set the scene – what is the scope and the focus of the decision that you are making
  • Chose the best methods – make sure they are best suited to the local context and needs
  • Plan priority setting – have a management framework to ensure the best use of resources available to you
  • Set the priorities – implement your chosen path
  • Make the priorities work – make sure that there is some effective action once the priorities have been set and then continually review what is going on

Good Luck!

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