Setting Priorities

How Was My Week?

How Was My Week? Looking back and reviewing how your week went is a key part of self-assessment and is essential in making the following week, hopefully, more productive, effective and efficient. Ask yourself the following questions and be brutally... Continue Reading →

Setting And Attaining Your Personal Managerial Goals

Setting And Attaining Your Personal Managerial Goals This is all about setting down your managerial philosophy: it defines the type of manager that you want to be, what you want to accomplish and what principles of values drive you in... Continue Reading →

What Is Your Diary Telling You?

A Senior Manager’s Diary. One Senior Manager sat down to separate out what they regarded as the major responsibilities of their job. They listed 6 key areas for themselves. A             Relationships with Head office B             Long-term and strategic planning C           ... Continue Reading →

Make The Day Work For You – Set Effective Priorities

Make The Day Work For You – Set Effective Priorities We all have too much to do and those around us are constantly requiring more and more in terms of attention and outputs. Apply the Must/Should/Could Know model of Information... Continue Reading →

How To Make The Most Of Your Working Day

How To Make The Most Of Your Working Day We all have too much to do; the business world, regardless of whatever your role might be within it, is characterised by increasing demands on time, expertise, energy and effort. The... Continue Reading →

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