How To Get Buy-in For Your Ideas

How To Get Buy-in For Your Ideas

You have a great idea, a new and fresh approach to a problem or a different way of dealing with a process that is just not fit for purpose – the question now is how I get those around me to see the value of my thinking and how to get then engaged and enthused about it.

Many really good ideas and suggestions never get off the ground simply because the author fails to get the buy-in of key stakeholders in the process.

Here’s how to get that commitment and to see your idea fly:

  1. Include all of the people who will be affected by the new approach right at the start: their commitment and participation is essential to avoid your approach being shot down before it begins. This may take a while so be prepared to go the extra mile in getting this right,
  2. Engage the managers who will have oversight of the running of the new system: in this way the people with the power to drive the idea through are committed and can be relied upon to see things through, especially if doing so makes their lives easier!
  3. Communicate your goals and content in a systematic way: write a script that you keep to so that the messages are constant and reliable for your audiences. Set your expectations to reinforce your results – keep a cool nerve and stick to your script.
  4. Share your results: once the initiative goes “live” let all interested parties know what is going on making sure that you communicate what went well but also what has not gone to plan and why. Total honesty is very important here!
  5. Acknowledge the stakeholders and their input and thank them for your support, involvement and feedback. This will allow you to go back to them in the future for your next big idea!

Having great ideas is good – making them reality requires patience and determination!

Good Luck!

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