Getting Staff Empowered, Engaged And Motivated – You’ve Got This

Getting Staff Empowered, Engaged And Motivated – You’ve Got This

Successful managers, and successful organisations, create an atmosphere and a system where staff are engaged, motivated and committed to the success of the business.

This is often the reason why one business will succeed in a market while their rivals never quite seem to hit the mark in terms of market penetration, profit and presence.

Staff want far more from their mangers than just orders and direction: staff increasingly want to be allowed to get on with their tasks, make modifications to processes and procedures to improve output and to have authority to do so.

This is a healthy management system as long as the boundaries of the task and the areas of authority are clearly identified, so that some sensible control can be factored into the process.

To make this work, staff need clarity in three areas:

  • What are the roles and duties of all concerned in the activity?
  • Why are we doing things the way we are. This must be linked to understanding why the individual member of staff is getting satisfaction from the task and the freedom it brings with it.
  • How will staff complete the task, being clear and transparent about any guidelines or boundaries that cannot be breached.

Above all else, to make Engagement work, managers must find where enjoyment can be factored into working systems.

Follow the What, Why and How to bring in Empowerment and Engagement in your area of control.

Good Luck!

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