The Four I’s Of Leadership

The Four I’s Of Leadership

Leadership: the one thing we all want to get right, the one thing that will make us stand out from the crowd (hopefully for the right reasons!) and the one thing that we want to be remembered for.

A difficult thing to judge and get right – sometimes a life-long project, yet for others, something that comes a lot easier than that. The question is how does that one person get it right?

Strong, positive yet respectful Leadership boils down to the following approaches taken by the most successful leaders:

  1. Individual Consideration; recognising that staff are all individuals and should be treated as such. We all like to be recognised as an individual and we do not respond well when the adage of “one size fits all”, which is, after all, somewhat dismissive and unfair.
  2. Intellectual Stimulation: leaders should always work consistently to provide good learning and developmental opportunities for staff, especially when innovation and new ways of thinking are the very lifeblood of a successful and forward-thinking organisation.
  3. Inspirational Motivation; excellent leaders set challenges for staff to pick up and run with. This makes staff feel valued and involved and a motivated employee (and team) will go above and beyond the contents of any job description or task.
  4. Idealised Influence (Charisma): a leader with all the personality and presence of a paper clip will never be the leader that makes a difference to anything. Staff look towards a leader as a role model, someone they admiore and respect. Work on your charisma and work consistently to develop it.

Good Luck!

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